Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors

Oil & Emulsions

JD-50 A water-displacing solvent with excellent rust inhibiting properties. This product is used universally for lubricating and loosening rusty parts. IT STOPS SQUEAKS! JD-50 quickly penetrates and loosens rusty or frozen parts and protects against rust and corrosion. This product can be used on all metals and is also an effective cleaner for tar, grease,… Read more »

Aqueous Inhibitors

Aqueous Metal Medic 5 A liquid organic preventive designed for maximum rust protection and low residue on finished parts. Metal Medic 5 is completely water-soluble and contains no petroleum or petroleum byproducts. Metal Medic 550 A low residue in-process water-based rust inhibitor that leaves light lubricity on steel. It allows parts to feed smoothly into… Read more »