Spray Washer & Dip Tank Cleaners


Metal Medic 7044
A low-foaming, highly alkaline liquid used for removing fabricating soils, drawing and buffing compounds, stamping oils, and grease from steel, stainless steel, and other metals. It is ideal for cleaning parts in high-pressure spray washing systems or immersion tanks and also removes soils from non-aluminum engine blocks.

Metal Medic 7085
A liquid, mildly alkaline solution designed for soak tank and spray wash cleaning. This product is truly unique in its ability to remove heavy oils, drawing lubricants and buffing compounds. Parts cleaned with Metal Medic 7085 will rinse free of residues and may be painted or processed with other coatings

Metal Medic 7249
A low-foam alkaline cleaner used to remove quench oils after heat treat. It is excellent at oil splitting and rust prevention. It is used on multi-metal and is excellent at lower temperatures in dip tanks and spray washers.

Metal Medic 7345
A liquid multi-metal cleaner designed especially for single stage spray washers. It will degrease and remove particulate to a visual cleanliness. It will inhibit rust on ferrous parts, tarnish on brass and oxidation on zinc or aluminum. It is formulated with a combination of wetters, mildly-alkaline builders and oxidation inhibitors to bring about this performance. It has the same rust preventive package as Metal Medic 7375 with a higher pH in order to allow for longer tank life and resistance to bio-growth.

Metal Medic 7654
An excellent non-silicate, non-toxic, non-foaming liquid over 110°F used for cleaning paints or plastic surfaces. It is safe on aluminum and rinses thoroughly. It is also used in re-circulating spray washers prior to phosphate or prior to rust prevention.

Metal Medic 7661
A non-caustic heavy duty alkaline cleaner formulated for use in spray washer and dip tank applications. It is excellent for cleaning lubri-coolants, rust preventatives, and metal-forming oils commonly found on metal parts. It is extremely free-rinsing leaving a water break free surface.