Heat Treat Cleaners


Metal Medic 7657HT
A concentrated, water soluble, non-flammable cleaner with rust preventive properties for use in metal finishing processes for protection of ferrous based metal from rust. It is non-foaming and used in open mouth barrels, drag through systems and tank operations by spray or dip. Protective film left on metal surfaces is ultra thin, non-staining, and highly protective. Metal Medic 7657 contains no organics so that it will not burn off in tempering and heat treat ovens. It also does not contain hazardous material. It will split oils without emulsifiers for skimming.

Metal Medic 7249
A low-foam alkaline cleaner used to remove quench oils after heat treat. It is excellent at oil splitting and rust prevention and is used on multi-metal.

Metal Medic 7086
A mildly alkaline solution designed for soak tank and spray wash cleaning. It is truly unique in its ability to remove heavy oils, drawing lubricants, and buffing compounds. Parts cleaned will rinse free of residues and may be painted or processed with other coatings.

Metal Medic 7662
A mildly alkaline heavy-duty cleaner formulated for use in spray washer and dip tank applications. It is excellent for cleaning lubri-coolants, rust preventatives, and metal-forming oils commonly found on metal parts. It is extremely free-rinsing, leaving a water break free surface.