Defoamer A
A poly-glycol inverse defoaming agent.

Metal Medic 7801
A non-silicone defoamer with good rinsing characteristics that is useful in pre-paint applications. It gives fast, effective foam control.

Metal Medic 7802
A non-silicone defoamer. It is designed for use with polymers, adhesive applications, inks, textiles, paper manufacturing, re-circulating spray washers, coolants, and water effluent systems.

Metal Medic 2000
An economical antifoam/defoam product for quick knockdown of foam.

Metal Medic 7805
An economical antifoam/defoam product for quick knockdown of foam

Metal Medic 7807
A concentrated silicone defoamer used in waste treatment applications.

Metal Medic 7808
An inverse defoamer achieving its effectiveness at elevated temperatures. It also is an aid to cleaning.

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