Metal Forming Fluids

Oils & Drawing Compounds

Metal Medic 7202 A clear yellow liquid. As a vanishing oil, it produces no residue in use. Metal Medic 7208 A drawing and stamping lubricant were more lubricity than offered by Metal Medic 7202 is required. It may be applied as a cleaner for zinc phosphate coated wire prior to chopping. Metal Medic 7756 A… Read more »

Synthetic Coolants

Versakut 7234D A new-generation grinding, drawing, and cutting fluid. It is a high lube synthetic with safety for soft metals to prevent staining in process. In addition, there is a premium rust inhibition package iin this product for in-process rust inhibition. It has defoaming materials to allow for high-pressure cooling. Versakut 6904 A high-performance synthetic… Read more »

Oil Containing Coolants

Versakut 6900 A semi-synthetic technology that allows for machining without EP additives. It is a long life, low maintenance, heavy-duty coolant. It will increase tool life and improve finish in operations currently using a semi-synthetic with short life. It leaves the surfaces of the machine free of tacky build-up. Versakut 6970 This is a semi-synthetic… Read more »