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Versakut 6951 is a high performing, oil-rejecting semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to extend tool life and increases the quality of machined parts. This product is designed for a wide range of applications including cutting, grinding, and milling for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Versakut 6951 is a micro-emulsion which allows it to reject tramp oils, run … Read On

Know Your Cleaning Process Variances!

One of the least understood variables in a cleaning process is the soils to be removed. The attitude often is that oil is oil. Alternatively the oil is a standard soil in industrial use. The vast variation of base oil and proprietary additives is heavily discounted. This often results in cleaning processes that were initially … Read On

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Turn to JEI for your Vibratory Finishing chemistry

Vibratory Finishing Although vibratory finishing techniques are similar to barrel finishing and usually involve the same components (water, compound and media), the equipment is different. The vibratory finishing process creates smoother surfaces and can abrade inside deep cavities or tubular parts. A vibratory finishing process can finish a variety of parts (e.g. fragile or extra-large) … Read On

2017 South Tec Show

The 2017 South Tec show is underway. This years show is in Greenville SC and the TD Center. The JEI booth number is 720. We will be there ready to answer your questions pertaining to how our chemistry is vital to your manufacturing process as well product literature matching our products chemistry to your specific … Read On

2017 South-Tec Show

The 2017 South-Tec show is being held in Greenville SC. Once again JEI will have a booth show casing it’s Specialty Chemical Product Lines. Visit the link below to register for free. Link to register