Yellow Metals: Brass Copper Bronze

Products for the Yellow metal Application: Over the last several years products have been developed to service this metal processing segment. Our customers interfacing with our sales-people and research have expanded the line up considerably. Mass Finishing after heat treat: Metal Medic 7012: Metal Medic 7012 is a mild acid cleaning and brightening compound for… Read more »

2015 South-Tec Show

  Come by booth 2020 and say hello. We have a lot of new products to show you! IMG_2034

New Product Alert!

RELEASE 7232 Heavy Duty Mold Release Description:  RELEASE 7232 is designed for release of aluminum and aluminum die cast materials for their respective molds. RELEASE 7232 may also be used to release Thermo-set plastics and vinyl coated foam products from their molds. Properties: Appearance: White Emulsion pH Conc. : 7.5-8.5 Specific Gravity 0.930 Applications:  Use… Read more »

Metal Medic 7375

Metal Medic 7375 is a liquid multi-metal cleaner designed especially for single stage spray washers. It will degrease and remove particulate to a visual cleanliness. Metal Medic 7375 will inhibit rust on ferrous parts, tarnish on brass and oxidation on zinc or aluminum. Metal Medic 7375 is formulated with a combination of wetters, mild alkaline… Read more »

New Product Introduction (Brass and Copper)

We have put together a group of products for the cleaning and corrosion protection of Brass and Copper. To view the product descriptions you can go to our product section and click on vibratory cleaners. If you need more information on these products please call our main office.

When is it time to dump and clean out my wash stage?

This is an age old question with multiple answers when considering all the types of washing that may be taking place. The goal is to stop and clean a process out before the process ceases working. Unscheduled down time is the worst thing in production. A number of ways this has been approached. One is… Read more »

Seasons Greetings from JEI

We would like to take this time to wish all you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We would also want to thank all of our loyal customers for their business and wish them continued success in the years to come! JEI Management.

Ultra-Filtration Discussion

Ultra-filtration is designed to remove oils from water. This will allow for more consistent cleaning and improved quality. The down side is that the more a cleaning agent is structured like an oil, the more likely that those components are to be selectively depleted. The larger the molecule the more likely it is to be… Read more »