Rust Issues?? We have answers!!

Cleaner / Rust Preventives The need for in process products to clean and rust prevent in a single step for cellular in process cleaning has never been greater. As the residue specifications increase in precision the cleaning must also keep pace. It is easier to clean as you go than have a final clean with… Read more »

Product Performance Improved

1170D/7205D has been improved by our R&D department. If you’re looking for a Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid that will increase your tool life and cut your cost look no further. Click the link below to view the Data Bulletin. 7205D

New Coolant Product Launch

JEI has announced a new Coolant Product Line. Applications include tapping, broaching, turning, milling, drilling, sawing, and grinding. Please contact our R&D department for more details.

Sales Positions Open at JEI

We are currently looking for sales people to come grow with us. Visit Zip Recruiter for the details.

Mass Finishing Time Savings

Ways to reduce finishing times: Examine media for a better polish or more cut depending upon desired results. Investigate equipment for better part separation or amplitude of rotation. Investigate Chemistry for better cleaning or surface attack. Investigate fluid flow to be sure of optimum rinsing and material flushing. Investigate more than one chemical step. Recent… Read more »

New CNC Low Foam Product

Description: Versakut 1170D is an outstanding semi-synthetic cutting & grinding fluid formulated with extreme pressure additives. Versakut 1170D is a combination of synthetic lubricants and other additives that readily disperses in water to form a clear solution that lubricates, cools and provides excellent rust protection at recommended dilutions.  Versakut 1170D also contains preservatives to control… Read more »

JEI to be featured on Fox Business…

Janed Enterprises has been selected by Marvel Production Group to do a segment on our chemical manufacturing process that will air March 30th on Fox Business.

Yellow Metals: Brass Copper Bronze

Products for the Yellow metal Application: Over the last several years products have been developed to service this metal processing segment. Our customers interfacing with our sales-people and research have expanded the line up considerably. Mass Finishing after heat treat: Metal Medic 7012: Metal Medic 7012 is a mild acid cleaning and brightening compound for… Read more »