Versakut 6951 is a high performing, oil-rejecting semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to extend tool life and increases the quality of machined parts. This product is designed for a wide range of applications including cutting, grinding, and milling for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Versakut 6951 is a micro-emulsion which allows it to reject tramp oils, run extremely clean, and excel and being bio-resistant (no rotten egg odor). Versakut 6951 has been tested at very high pressures and is designed to be a non-foaming metalworking fluid. Versakut 6951 is formulated with the highest technology available allowing it to perform without nitrites, silicones, phenols, formaldehyde, and chlorine.

Performance Benefits:

· Non-Chlorinated product that is formulated with extreme pressure additives.
· Rejects tramp oils to the surface of the fluid for easy skimming.
· Increased lubrication versus conventional synthetic metalworking fluids.
· Bio resistant with nothing that promotes growth thus it extents fluid life.
· Excellent stability in hard and soft water applications to ensure minimal residue build-up.
· Non-foaming in most water conditions.