New Brass Kicking Ammo Brightening Process

Our R&D group was given the task of brightening once fired brass ammo in order to increase its consumer appeal. The objectives were to remove oxidation/powder residue, brighten and ad luster to the case finish, and provide protection from corrosion and oxidation. Hours and hours of lab testing have yielded some extraordinary results.
As you can see in this photo, most casings are dull and lacked that nice shiny brass look that gun enthusiast like to see when opening the box. Let’s be honest, the brightness of your ammo may not make you shoot better but it will make you feel better about the ammo you’re about to fire.

As you can see in this video, we’ve developed chemistry that runs part on part in a wet vibratory bowl operation. Our chemistry is designed not only to clean the ammo but also allows the casings to slide at just the right tumble speed creating a brilliant shine. Our two-step process has proven to achieving these results in less than thirty minutes. (Caution: you may need your solar eclipse glasses to view this ammo.)

Cycle times and chemical concentrations will vary based on many variables but so far the test results are astounding. Ammo manufactures across the country are talking about the success of this wet chemical process. So if you are manufacturing new/once fired ammo or other brass parts and your shine isn’t what you think it should be, don’t settle for lack luster results. Let us help you kick some brass to a shinier finish.

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