Rust Issues?? We have answers!!

Cleaner / Rust Preventives

The need for in process products to clean and rust prevent in a single step for cellular in process cleaning has never been greater. As the residue specifications increase in precision the cleaning must also keep pace. It is easier to clean as you go than have a final clean with all the work performed in a single process.

Cleaners with built in rust prevention were first made necessary by cabinet washers and belt washers that cleaned and dried production parts. Janed has a full line of cleaner rust preventives from:
1) A neutral material Metal Medic 7383.
2) A more alkaline material without being caustic is
Metal Medic 7345.
3) A Carbonate cleaner that also cleans Heat treat is oil
Metal Medic 7657HT.
4) A caustic product for difficult drawing compounds is
Metal Medic 7249.