Mass Finishing Time Savings

Ways to reduce finishing times:

  1. Examine media for a better polish or more cut depending upon desired results.
  2. Investigate equipment for better part separation or amplitude of rotation.
  3. Investigate Chemistry for better cleaning or surface attack.
  4. Investigate fluid flow to be sure of optimum rinsing and material flushing.
  5. Investigate more than one chemical step.

Recent success in process time reduction:

 A company stamping parts for a complicated assembly was spending in excess of 14 hours to radius and deburr parts with an alkaline burnishing compound.

Use of an Acidic product to encourage removal of high points was introduced.  This allowed for significant reduction of burrs and edge radius in less than two hours.  Burnishing with an alkaline for appearance and polish took an additional two hours.

The result was a better finish in a shorter time by ten (10) hours.