New CNC Low Foam Product


Versakut 1170D is an outstanding semi-synthetic cutting & grinding fluid formulated with extreme pressure additives. Versakut 1170D is a combination of synthetic lubricants and other additives that readily disperses in water to form a clear solution that lubricates, cools and provides excellent rust protection at recommended dilutions.  Versakut 1170D also contains preservatives to control rancidity in re-circulating systems. Versakut 1170D has additional foam control for high pressure CNCs.


Versakut 1170D is specially formulated for virtually all machining operations on stainless steel, cold rolled steel and other difficult ferrous metals. These applications include tapping, broaching, turning, milling, drilling, sawing and grinding.  Versakut 1170D is versatile enough to use on some non-ferrous metals with little or no stain.

Versakut 1170D is usually applied at 2% to 10% by volume with water. Tapping and broaching on difficult metals require the higher (5 – 10%) usage concentrations.  Turning, milling, drilling, sawing and grinding on difficult metals require the lower (2 – 5%) usage concentrations.

See MSDS for complete safety recommendations.