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New Product Alert!

RELEASE 7232 Heavy Duty Mold Release Description:  RELEASE 7232 is designed for release of aluminum and aluminum die cast materials for their respective molds. RELEASE 7232 may also be used to release Thermo-set plastics and vinyl coated foam products from their molds. Properties: Appearance: White Emulsion pH Conc. : 7.5-8.5 Specific Gravity 0.930 Applications:  Use… Read more »

Metal Medic 7375

Metal Medic 7375 is a liquid multi-metal cleaner designed especially for single stage spray washers. It will degrease and remove particulate to a visual cleanliness. Metal Medic 7375 will inhibit rust on ferrous parts, tarnish on brass and oxidation on zinc or aluminum. Metal Medic 7375 is formulated with a combination of wetters, mild alkaline… Read more »