Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cleaner / Rust Preventives

Cleaner / Rust Preventives The need for in process products to clean and rust prevent in a single step for cellular in process cleaning has never been greater. As the residue specifications increase in precision the cleaning must also keep pace. It is easier to clean as you go than have a final clean with… Read more »

The Right Chemistry Makes All the Difference!

When operating washer systems of any kind having the right chemistry for the job makes all the difference! At JEI we offer many different types of cleaners that can improve your cleanliness, reduce your cost, and increase your efficiency. Re-work is a dirty word when cleaning parts, but with the incorrect chemistry in your washer… Read more »

Paint removal from Parts and Hooks

 The demise of methylene chloride type paint strippers has lead to variety of responses’. In addition to this situation, paint formulations have improved for durability.  The correct solution for a given situation has many variables.  In general it makes sense to test parts panels, and paint hooks to decide what will work the best.  The… Read more »