Monthly Archives: March 2013

New Product Release:

The R&D department at JEI has developed a new product specifically designed to remove Transmission Fluid from parts using a spray washer. Metal Medic 7429 has been tested and approved by a customer that needed longer tank life, better cleaning, and cost reduction. For more details on this product just give John Scott a call… Read more »

Ultra-filtration & Cleaners Discussion

Ultra-filtration is designed to remove oils from water.  This will allow for more consistent cleaning and improved quality.  The down side is that the more a cleaning agent is structured like an oil, the more likely that those components are to be selectively depleted. The larger the molecule the more likely it is to be… Read more »

Metalworking Fluids Chemistry

Metalworking Fluid Chemistry Metalworking fluids all start on the formulator’s chemistry lab bench, where chemists blend together various compounds, much like a kitchen recipe. All of these ingredients are publicly known and governmentally approved as being safe. A few ingredients are often held proprietary. All hazardous materials will be listed on the fluid’s Material Safety… Read more »